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Holy Smokes Another New

I’ve done a major overhaul of the theme. It’s much more column-y, and features a wide array of fancy new web development things. If you’re interested in the details you should check the source code out, I’ve commented on almost everything.

You should try resizing your browser, and checking the site on your phone and tablets – it scales properly (and with very slick animations). If you’re in Chrome you’ll see the top header gradient intensity changes based on your mouse speed. FireFox just has a gradient ‘spotlight’. IE gets a lovely black background.

Since the thinner column format doesn’t lend itself to reading code very well, you can click on any code snippit and it will slide out to the width of your window.

It might change even more, I’m never ever “finished” with this site – I love redoing it. I am so not a designer, but I try anyways.

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