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I’m still here (2016 Edition) is long overdue for an overhaul. Over the last year I’ve been working on so many different exciting projects, both for companies, and personally. I rarely have time to flesh out a blog post, let alone update the design here.

My biggest personal project right now is a content aggregation and curation website called PummelBlitz. It uses curators, both real people and bots, to cull the internet for interesting links. Those links can then be voted and commented on by other PummelBlitz users. It started off as a cool way to try out RethinkDB, but as I watched Reddit melt down this summer, it became more an engine built around true user democracy and admin action transparency in mind. I wanted a Reddit-like site that allowed for safe spaces (and extremely unsafe spaces), and accountable/transparent admin actions. I’ve been maintaining a list of all the things that bugged me about Reddit and started fleshing out solutions to them to implement on PummelBlitz. I don’t know if PummelBlitz has a real future, or if it’s just a neat side project for me right now, but I have more great ideas I plan to build in.

I’ve also been freelance web contracting much more recently. I relaunched the Captain Dashing Web Works website with this in mind. Check it out, especially if you’re looking for some help on your web app, or mobile backend.

Check out my Twitter for more (albeit smaller) updates.

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