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Samsung, Motorola, Openness and You

Odd that people are up in arms about @SamsungMobileUs – @Motorola has been screwing their user base in the same way for years #NeverAgain

This isn’t anything new. Motorola has been beating around the bush with the issue of upgrades for a couple of years now — to a much worse extent than Samsung.

It’s VERY clear that most major handset manufacturers are not interested in “software freedom”, but are interested in getting you to shell out $500 every year for a phone that “supports” the newest version of Android. It’s only because of a leaked kernel that I’m able to put Android 2.2.1 on my Motorola Milestone — it means that if I want to use Froyo, I have to use this beta/leaked kernel and have no option to compile my own new kernel from the AOSP source code.

I learned my lesson the hard way with my locked down Motorola Milestone, but I assure you, the next phone I buy will not be from a manufacturer who locks down the hardware I intend to own.

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