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Some OSX Key Bindings Hate

When I use Apple OSX there is one thing that drives me up the freaking wall; Apple’s keyboard shortcuts are BROKEN. Setting aside the confusion that comes from the difference between “CMD+C” and “CTRL+C”, there are many advanced keyboard functions that I’ve got built right into my typing muscle memory. Every OS I’ve used from Windows 95/XP/7 to all flavours of Linux to less used/known ones like BeOS and Solaris works this way. EXCEPT freaking Apple.

HOME and END Keys

Using the HOME and END keys for example. Pressing HOME sends your cursor to the start of the current line, pressing END sends your cursor to the end of the current line (and pressing SHIFT+END highlights everything from where your cursor is to the end of the line). Not so when you’re “Thinking Different” – in OSX HOME sends your cursor to the very start of a document and END sends it to the very end. Holding COMMAND+LEFT/RIGHT-ARROW does what the HOME/END keys should do.

CTRL+Cursor Keys (“arrow keys”)

Maybe this is minor for people who are used to switching between Apple and standard 101-Key QWERTY keyboards, but holding CTRL+LEFT/RIGHT-ARROW should skip you from word to word. Holding CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT/RIGHT-ARROW should select a word a time. In OSX this is done with OPTION+LEFT/RIGHT-ARROW. Annoying.

F1 – F12, Tabbing Through All Controls

These ones are easily changed in OSX settings, but are annoyingly turned off by default. You should be able to “tab through” all control elements in a page or program. In OSX (by default) you can only “tab through” text areas. Pressing F12 activates “Expose” and shows you stupid widgets instead of what you may have been expecting from the program you’re using.

TL;DR: – Screw Apple keyboards and screw their default key bindings.

UPDATE: Some software called DoubleCommand alleviates many of these problems.

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