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Today is my 6th year on Reddit. What a ride it has been.

Back when I first started reading Reddit, it was a hopeful start up populated by geeks like me and every sub-Reddit was like r/TrueReddit. r/pics didn’t generate its own memes everyday. The political discourse on r/politics welcomed both Democrats and Republicans. “AMAs” were self-posts in the main Reddit. r/trees WAS r/marijuana. r/Toronto didn’t exist yet neither did many of my other current favourite sub-reddits.

In some ways Reddit has got worse – we’ve taken on a ton of former Diggers and the weirdness that came from the popularisation of 4chan leaked over to reddit in a big way (I’m pretty sure many of the “original” Redditors were also ‘oldfags‘ on 4chan, Farkers, and/or Goons – hence the heavy duplication of content). In other ways Reddit has got better – you just have to look under the surface. Some of the best content on the internet can be found deep in unpopular sub-reddits – I won’t list any here you should find them yourself, that’s part of the fun of Reddit.

Reddit has kept me on top of the news for 6 years – almost every time someone asks “Hey did you see <... current news item ...>” I can gladly respond “Yeah, I reddit yesterday”. I maintain that it’s still the best place to get your news on the internet. Everyone I’ve introduced the site to still reads it (maybe not as much as I do, but still).

Here’s to Reddit – may it continue to grow and maintain it’s awesomeness (and may the bacon continue to narwhal at midnight).

I did an IAmA – it’s at 0 now, but I’ll still answer.

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