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Installing GOT Android 2.2 on your Motorola Milestone

Here’s my quick guide on how to get the awesome new GOT version of Android 2.2 on your Milestone! Anytime you make these kind of system level changes to your device you are taking a risk – a risk that your power might go out mid-flash and you end up bricking your device. There are many things that could go wrong, however unlikely, I am not responsible for what happens with your device.

OK, on with it:

  1. You must be using Windows of some kind. Sorry. I used Windows 7 x64.
  2. Download & Install Motorola USB drivers
  3. Download & Install RSD Lite 4.6.0
  4. Download OpenRecovery 2.0 and the SBF for your Milestone and country from G.O.T.
  5. Extract OpenRecovery to the root of your SD card. just sits in the root, and extract the OpenRecovery folder to the root as well (actual paths on your device will be something like /sdcard/OpenRecovery/ and /sdcard/ )
  6. Power off your Milestone
  7. Press and hold both the power button and the camera button to turn the device back on and put it into utility mode. Do not be alarmed at the exclamation-mark/phone icon that appears.
  8. Press the volume up and the camera buttons at the same time to bring up the menu — it always takes me a few tries, don’t give up
  9. Pick apply from the menu
  10. Once the OpenRecovery menu appears, choose Wipe & Cleaning Menu at the bottom and then Wipe data / Factory Reset (WARNING – THIS WIPES THE DATA FROM YOUR PHONE. Nothing on your SD card is lost, only data stored ON the phone; apps, settings, bookmarks, etc)
  11. Power off the phone, then similar to above, power it on while holding the power button and the d-pad up button (the “up” direction on your slide out keyboards directional buttons — up is pointing towards the camera button). Do this until you see some info about a “bootloader”.
  12. In Windows, start RSDLite as an Administrator (right-click, “Run As Administrator”)
  13. In RSDLite, click the “…” button beside the “Filename” field at the top. Choose the SBF file you downloaded – make sure it’s for your carrier (in my case the file looked like: “GOT_TELUS_2_2_1FULL.sbf”).
  14. If everything is ready to go you should be able to click “Start”
  15. Do nothing but watch nervously as RSDLite installs the new system onto your phone. It may reboot up to 4 or 5 times – it is normal and to be expected. Do not do anything until RSDLite tells you it’s finished.
  16. Boot back into OpenRecovery (redo steps 7 – 9)
  17. Choose “Launch 2.2.1 Menu”, then choose “Fix 2.2.1 Bugs”
  18. After it’s completed, choose “Reboot” from the menu
  19. (OPTIONAL STEP FOR OBTAINING ROOT) Boot back into OpenRecovery for a 3rd time (redo steps 7 – 9) choose “Root phone” from main menu. Reboot again.
  20. Enjoy your Milestone running Android 2.2

Somethings you’ll want to check out that 2.2 does and 2.1 does not: Adobe Flash 10.1 — most flash websites will work in your browser after you download Flash from the Market. Google Chrome-to-Phone — allows direct, instant sending of URLs from your web browser to your phone. WiFi tethering is a default app in 2.2 – I haven’t tried it out yet though.

I’ll probably be doing this for a friend sometime today, if I remember I’ll get screen shots to post up here too. If you have any questions tweet at me.

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