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FITC Toronto 2012

FITC Toronto is today! I’ve been looking forward to this conference for a few months, there’s lots of exciting things to see. I’ve got a long way to travel … it’s so far away, like almost 500 meters from where I live (seriously, the hotel the conference is at is around the block from me). Following suit some of the other attendees; here’s what my schedule looks like:

HTML5: Life in the Trenches
Emerging Technologies in the Real World
NFC: Thinking Creatively Beyond Mobile Payments (!! Hype)
The Adobe Keynote
The Trouble with JavaScript (and Why It’s Worth It)
From Free Software to Fine Art

TUESDAY (Tentative):
The Thing is Your Friend: Making the World Alive One Bit At a Time
Hello Sencha: HTML5 Applications
CreativeJS Typography
How to Give Everything Away
Object Oriented Electricity in a Social Setting

WEDNESDAY (Tentative):
Hey Ellie, What Are You? (So hyped, an old college friend is giving this presentation)
Storyworlds in Abstract Experiences
Mozilla’s State of Games on the Web
WebGL – Now is The Time to Start Paying Attention

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