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Everyone Loves Sushi But Me

Everyone loves sushi but me. What am I doing wrong?

Since I’ve been at Trapeze I’ve been forcing myself to open up to new experiences – specifically new food experiences. Growing up in a tiny town, surrounded by nothing other than more tiny towns I didn’t get much chance to try anything exotic. Sure there was a Chinese food place or two, but I’m told “Ho-lee-chow” and its ilk aren’t real Chinese food places, they’re “Americanized Chinese Food” (still friggin delicious though).

So as I grew up my taste palette didn’t. I still like really bland food, I don’t trust sauces of unknown origin or composition. I don’t like a good lot of things many people do: Mayo, mustard, brown beans, most salad dressing (everything except vinaigrettes), raw tomatoes (cooked/processed are fine). Knowing how finicky my taste buds can be I’m always really apprehensive about trying new things.

Shushi specifically has been a point of pain for me. So many of my friends and co-workers love sushi. I prefer to try just a taste of something new before I go all out and bite into it – you can’t do this with sushi – you must cram the whole friggin thing into your mouth “to get the right flavour”, or so I’m told. I just can’t do it, I can’t take a whole mouthful of a new flavour – I’ll gag (seriously) and that’s super embarrassing. Do they make mini-sushi somewhere in Toronto?

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