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All News is Old News

Astrology has always been fake. Bird/fish kills happen every year. Sarah Palin has always been an idiot. I’m so tired of regurgitated news.

Whatever happened to real journalism? It seems like more and more “mainstream” news providers are picking up the top stories from user generated news aggregation websites, which are then picked up by smaller “mainstream” news outlets. This means that if you’re a regular Redditor, Digger or some other sort of user-generated news you’ll read a story on that site first, then the next day you’ll hear about it on CNN/Fox/NBC/Whatever, then the day after that your local news will pick it up (CP24/CTV/A-Channel). By the end of the week you’re so sick of hearing the same stupid story over and over and over again. What’s worse is that it’s not even news, it’s stupid bullshit fluff pieces that don’t matter to anyone, ever.

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