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The Difference Between Good and Great

There aren’t many projects I’ve worked on in the digital interactive agency world where I get to spend time on something and just make it better. I’m not talking about adding functionality, or style, I’m talking about polish. That extra 1% or 2% that makes something seemingly benign stick out as awesome.

We often get so far ahead of ourselves just trying to get a project done that we gloss over little details, and “getting it out the door” becomes the primary focus, while “make it awesome” takes a back seat. I’m talking about the first time you saw a text box drop down to offer you a suggestion based on what you were typing, or when you’re filling out a sign-up form and after you click off of the username field it turns red and says “Username in use” — stupid little things that make something good into something great.

Part of the problem is time/money, the other part is caring enough about a project to make it happen. Often the former is much more the problem than the latter. But in cases where we get that extra time, or by some miracle the client gets us everything we need on time — we get to do something fun, like a static background of a BBQ picnic and animate it. It’s these extra 2% things that get me excited, they push my personal limits on what is considered “regular”.

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