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Zen Coding Makes Writing HTML Easy

Very few things have actually made writing code easier for me. Sure most editors do neat things in the name of helping you do things a bit faster, but rarely does something come my way that truly makes writing code easier. One of those things is "Zen Coding", an extension/plugin for most major editors that makes writing HTML and CSS almost painless. It simply takes short hand and turns it into full W3C compliant HTML and/or CSS all at the press of a command ( CTRL+e in my editors of choice). Take a look (what I typed is inside of comment tags, results from zen-coding directly below):

text-align: center;

float: left;
You can even chain short hand together and use very simple syntax. This one line:
Evaluates to a complete website stucture:


(Ugh. WordPress (or SyntaxHighligher?) is eating my HTML doctype, html and head tags from the above example... but they're there I promise!) It's an extraordinarily cool plugin and I highly recommend it to anyone that writes HTML or CSS on a regular basis.
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