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A brief update to my long ignored blog

I don’t update as much as I should. I tweet far more than I blog, so if you want to get more of me, you should follow me on Twitter.

Since September for work I’ve been completely immersed in startup culture, it’s fantastic. To get an idea of what I’m working on there, checkout the video. Outside of work in my spare time I’ve been working on something great I can’t wait to show off very soon! 2013 looks good already!

Holy Smokes Another New

I’ve done a major overhaul of the theme. It’s much more column-y, and features a wide array of fancy new web development things. If you’re interested in the details you should check the source code out, I’ve commented on almost everything.

You should try resizing your browser, and checking the site on your phone and tablets – it scales properly (and with very slick animations). If you’re in Chrome you’ll see the top header gradient intensity changes based on your mouse speed. FireFox just has a gradient ‘spotlight’. IE gets a lovely black background.

Since the thinner column format doesn’t lend itself to reading code very well, you can click on any code snippit and it will slide out to the width of your window.

It might change even more, I’m never ever “finished” with this site – I love redoing it. I am so not a designer, but I try anyways. Design Update

Removed my semi-legal fonts and replaced them with nice open fonts from the very awesome Google Web Fonts library. If you’re using Chrome, Safari or Firefox you’ll see a the slick vertical KISHCOM banner now instead of the old horizontal style – this is neat because it’s achieved with CSS and JS – no images – that’s just DOM rotated text. IE sadly, doesn’t work (although it works better than the last design — since you can now actually see content). Revised footer links, and removed my very much unused “projects” section.

There might be some minor display bugs with the vertical KISHCOM if I haven’t done much testing with your platform browser (see: OSX + Safari).

The Return to Blogging

I shut down the blog on a long time ago since I didn’t write on it. I tweet now instead. Sometimes though 140 characters isn’t enough convey something I want to. So in addition to feeding in my twitter here, I’ll be treating KishCom as more of an extended twitter along with the occasional longer blog post.


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