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Yearly Blog Post 2019 Edition

It's long overdue time for my once-per-year blog post! At this point I'm not sure if the actual design of will ever be updated again. Maybe it'll be doomed to this template for ever. I just have too much other great stuff on the go, it's largely the same as the last two years but I'm still jazzed on all of it. Also check out my Twitter for more updates.

Yearly Post 2018 Edition

It’s time for my once-per-year blog post! is still long overdue for an overhaul.

The stuff I’m working on this year is largely the same as last year:

Also check out my Twitter for more updates.

Yearly Blog Post

My last post here was over a year ago! is still long overdue for an overhaul.

Check out the stuff I’m working on now:

Also check out my Twitter for more (albeit smaller) updates.

I’m still here (2016 Edition) is long overdue for an overhaul. Over the last year I’ve been working on so many different exciting projects, both for companies, and personally. I rarely have time to flesh out a blog post, let alone update the design here.

My biggest personal project right now is a content aggregation and curation website called PummelBlitz. It uses curators, both real people and bots, to cull the internet for interesting links. Those links can then be voted and commented on by other PummelBlitz users. It started off as a cool way to try out RethinkDB, but as I watched Reddit melt down this summer, it became more an engine built around true user democracy and admin action transparency in mind. I wanted a Reddit-like site that allowed for safe spaces (and extremely unsafe spaces), and accountable/transparent admin actions. I’ve been maintaining a list of all the things that bugged me about Reddit and started fleshing out solutions to them to implement on PummelBlitz. I don’t know if PummelBlitz has a real future, or if it’s just a neat side project for me right now, but I have more great ideas I plan to build in.

I’ve also been freelance web contracting much more recently. I relaunched the Captain Dashing Web Works website with this in mind. Check it out, especially if you’re looking for some help on your web app, or mobile backend.

Check out my Twitter for more (albeit smaller) updates.

I’m still here

I’m still here, I just don’t have time to blog anymore. I could make time to write more posts (and I’ve really thought about it), however with things like Nifcee (and other still-stealth-mode startups) consuming most of my time it’s easy to forego posting here in favour of working more on prototypes (or taking a break with some KSP).

I do still post to Twitter and Instagram somewhat frequently (although that too has dropped off in recent months).

I’ve got plans to redo to be less focused on a blog and more focused on my Github and Twitter accounts… but again, time is the issue. Catch up with me there.

See you on the other side folks!

Revenge of the New Design

It’s that time of the year, I overhauled the design of this website again! I’ve been maintaining since about 2002 and it’s seen countless redesigns over the years. This time I choose a more pixelated motif, the showpiece obviously being the stunning background image. There is so much detail and thought put into every pixel of this creation that, when I saw it, I knew I wanted to use it with my website.

The background is from an arcade fighting game called Garou: Mark of the Wolves, part of the Fatal Fury series. At only 320 x 224 pixels and 4096 colours, there is an impressive amount of detail packed into a small amount of data. You can still get this game for Xbox 360 on XBLA. While I love the backgrounds and the rest of the artwork in the game, I must admit: I am horrible at it.

If you’re on a current browser that supports newer 3D CSS stuff (Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Internet Explorer 10) you’ll be able to browse posts by scrolling over the alley way and watching as the posts fly in place. If you’re on a browser that doesn’t support newer 3D CSS stuff (IE9 and under, Opera, mobile browsers) you’ll see singular posts that you can scroll through one by one. I’ve also added a table of contents and a reader friendly mode (you mean there are people who don’t want to read pixelated text?!).

If you’re interested in more technical details check the rendered source of this page (CTRL+U).

My Entitled Generation

I’ve had this blog post brewing for months now, almost a year. However this Globe and Mail article titled “2012 vs. 1984: Young adults really do have it harder today” and the subsequent Reddit conversation around it really was the tipping point for me to write my thoughts out on the issue. I was blown away by how many people my age (20 somethings) were upset (absolutely furious even) that they weren’t getting the same deal as their parents. The same people seemed blind to the sheer number of opportunities around them. My comment on Reddit was a simple jab: “Oh woe is us and our iPhones.” – I’ve never had such hate directed at me for such a simple comment. What I loved most is being accused of being a baby boomer myself because someone in their 20s couldn’t possibly disagree with The Globe’s article. When the comment came in trying to compare a Sony Walkman with an Apple iPhone – I realized my generation didn’t truly understand the stunning gift that technology and the internet had given us. To me it was a gateway into anything I could imagine – to them it was a glorified music box. Few people saw why the prevalence of smart phones had anything at all to do with the economy, education, or employment. All they see is how the baby boomer generation “screwed us” because we’re not going get the same things as they did for the same price.

The two big points I want to drive home:
1) The world in 1984 is a completely different one than ours today in 2012. The main factor for this is simple: technology and the internet.
2) The old school mentality of: “Go to university -> Get great job with your degree -> Buy a house + car -> Work 2 or 3 jobs for 35-40 years -> Retire” is LONG OVER. Our baby boomer parents may not believe it, but it is, and the evidence of such is all around us.

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New Digs

Life has been crazy the past couple weeks. I've moved from my place on Dovercourt to a brand new condo near University/Spadina (Nelson/Simcoe to be precise). It's great to be living on my own again, the past few months it's felt like my life has been on hold.
Time to pick up some new turntables and start living life again
The view from my balcony

That's the view from my balcony. Pretty nice.

Unofficial Trash Collectors

4 different scruffy looking strangers have rifled through my trash looking for cans/bottles so far tonight.

One of them even had the audacity to go through our garbage before it was even out at the road! He looked a little shocked as I walked towards him (to get to my back door!) and asked “Who said you could do that?”, his response: “Uhh. So sorry. So sorry.” while quickly gathering his treasure (2 wine bottles, 5 or 6 crushed cans) and scurrying off to the next bin by the road.

It can’t be that lucrative? Can it? How much do these guys make? Surely less than minimum wage?

Tis the Season


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