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Everyone Loves Sushi But Me

Everyone loves sushi but me. What am I doing wrong?

Since I’ve been at Trapeze I’ve been forcing myself to open up to new experiences – specifically new food experiences. Growing up in a tiny town, surrounded by nothing other than more tiny towns I didn’t get much chance to try anything exotic. Sure there was a Chinese food place or two, but I’m told “Ho-lee-chow” and its ilk aren’t real Chinese food places, they’re “Americanized Chinese Food” (still friggin delicious though).

So as I grew up my taste palette didn’t. I still like really bland food, I don’t trust sauces of unknown origin or composition. I don’t like a good lot of things many people do: Mayo, mustard, brown beans, most salad dressing (everything except vinaigrettes), raw tomatoes (cooked/processed are fine). Knowing how finicky my taste buds can be I’m always really apprehensive about trying new things.

Shushi specifically has been a point of pain for me. So many of my friends and co-workers love sushi. I prefer to try just a taste of something new before I go all out and bite into it – you can’t do this with sushi – you must cram the whole friggin thing into your mouth “to get the right flavour”, or so I’m told. I just can’t do it, I can’t take a whole mouthful of a new flavour – I’ll gag (seriously) and that’s super embarrassing. Do they make mini-sushi somewhere in Toronto?

I saw it coming months ago

I saw it coming months ago, did what I thought I could, still wasn’t enough. Not a great way to start a Saturday.

Yes. This means I’m single again. Yes we’re still living together until the lease is up (July).

Great night out

Great night out with the @Trapeze crew! Nights like these should be listed as job perks 🙂

Thermal Discouragement

“Thermal Discouragement” is a trademark of Aperture Science dba Aperture Laboratories. #portal2

I am so excited for Portal 2.

Probation over!

Probation over! I’m an official @Trapeze developer! Learned more in the last 3 months than I have in the last year; excited for more!

French Toast Stuffed with Cheesecake

Had French Toast Stuffed with Cheesecake for lunch today. It was on the breakfast menu, it should have been on the dessert menu. #sugarrush.

Feeling far less drab. 😀

Feeling drab

Feeling drab. Existential. It was hard to get out of bed this morning. I’m eager for summer weather.

SD Memory Speeds

Fun fact: SD-Cards have speed ratings. All my cards were “class 2” ~16Mbit/s … just ordered “Class 10” ~80Mbit/s replacements. Hoping to see a slight speed up on my Android devices… and since my (not-yet-arrived) Nook Color can boot off SD, I’ll make good use of the extra speed.

Emergency Preparedness

After seeing the tragedy in Japan I built/bought an awesome survival/emergency backpack. I am officially well prepared. #hopetoneveruseit

Nook Color!

Nook Color is en route from Newark, Delaware San Diego, California. Waiting is the hardest part. #Android.

Already reading the XDA Developer forums about it … not sure what custom version of Android to go with. I think I’m going to try and do my own release using Android 3.0 (when it finally hits the AOSP).


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