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Android 2.3 Released

Android 2.3 “Gingerbread” released today! Still waiting for Motorola to release an official version of 2.2 for my Milestone (you can hack a beta-leaked version on to your rooted Milestone by following my guide).

I wish they’d just release the signing keys so I could compile my own from the AOSP. I’d gladly sign a waiver saying “no more warranty” to gain full unabridged access to a device I own.

Imagine buying a car, having the dealer lock the hood shut while telling you “It’s for the best car experience”. When you ask “How will I change my oil? or upgrade my carburetor?” their response is “Oh just bring it back to us, we’ll change your oil for you (if we think it’s necessary). And you’ll probably break something upgrading your carburetor — so buy a new car if you want that instead.”

This scenario is absurd for cars, but the norm for smart phones and it drives me crazy.

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